Sartre HTML Shop Grid Layou

Block Based Design

Build truly stunning layouts quickly by mixing pre-designed content blocks from different layouts. Simple!

Sartre comes with some 70+ page layouts that offer unique and beautifully design blocks that look great on desktop, tablet and mobile. Sartre now also includes fully functional onepage layouts! The possibilities are endless.

Sartre HTML Off Canvas Navigation

Beautiful Navigation

Sartre offers several navgiation types that are functional yet beautiful.

With multiple navigation types and a variety of ways to style headers, main menus, and auxiliary navigation, you can create a totally unique experience for your users.

Homepage Concepts

Mobile App

Mobile App 2

Mobile App 3

Web App

Web App 2

Web App 3

Barber Shop

Barber Shop 2

Barber Shop 3


Agency 2

Agency 3

Travel Agency

Travel Agency 2

Travel Agency 3


Restaurant 2

Restaurant 3


Resume 2

Resume 3


Photography 2

Photography 3


Architecture 2

Architecture 3

One Page Concepts

Mobile App One Page

Web App One Page

One Page Barber Shop

One Page Agency

One Page Agency 2(Renard) New

Travel Agency One Page

Restaurant One Page

One Page Resume

One Page Photography

Architecture One Page

Special Hero Sections

Slider w/ HTML5 Bkg Video

Slider w/ Vimeo Bkg Video New

Slider w/ YouTube Bkg Video New

Slider w/ Video

Slider Caption Showdown

Express Yourself With Sartre

Sartre provides you with the tools you need to create a unique website.

24 Variations

Sartre is focused around 8 unique concepts with 3 variations each. Sartre has got you covered whether you are a startup or established business.

20+ Components

Make any design stand out by using a combination of the 20+ components that come with Sartre. Accordions, tabs, buttons and much more.

8+ Plugins

As with all our templates, Sartre comes with 8 premium in-house developed plugins, which means that when there's an update, you'll get it.

Block Based

Sartre, like all our templates, is built using a block based, responsive framework that makes designing easier. Move blocks around and get a new design.

Ultimate Startup Pack

Sartre is a great starting point for startups that need a quick and simple solution when it comes to creating a site. Save both time & money.

Infinite Possibilities

With a range of pre-design content blocks, components and plugins, Sarte provides you with an unlimited number of possibilities.